“If you are doing a task more than twice? Then, automate it!” I hear that phrase all the time, but don’t often spend time doing it. Well today’s a good opportunity…

I had some time off today due to an engagement pulling out so I decided to spend the down time combining some of the community recon tools I normally use.

Recons tools I use:

The following are some of the tools I normally use for an external PT engagements (or bug bounty programs):

  • amass (who doesn’t love Amass?)
  • massdns (blazing fast!)
  • dnsgen (mutate those subdomains)
  • subjack (check those subdomain takeovers)
  • Eyewitness
  • gobuster

Combine them all…

The following scripts can be used to quickly find any potential low-hanging fruit on an engagement or bug bounty program:


  • Objective: Enumerate as many subdomains for as possible for the target TLD
  • Description: The script uses amass to collect valid subdomains, followed by massdns to brute-force, and finally dnsgen to mutate a list of of subdomains and re-feed it back to massdns to brute-force again.


  • Objective: Take screenshots of all the sites found from the subdomains.
  • Description: The script uses Eyewitness to take the screenshots. Currently I am just take screenshots on port 80,443 as this tool can take sometime and I want it to be quick.


  • Objective: Search for any interesting or sensitive directories in the enumerated subdomains.
  • Description: The script uses gobuster to search for interesting directories. I used to use dirsearch but found that gobuster does the job quicker especially since it is written in GO.


  • The three (3) scripts are then combined into a master script - master.sh. All output is then fed to an incoming webhook on Slack so I can monitor this from the comfort of my couch.

subdomain_enum screen_enum dir_enum

To run the tool, save all the scripts in the same directory and run the following commands:

./master.sh domain.com

Simple right? Assuming that you have already got the existing tools I mentioned ready to go :)

Script can be downloaded here: